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Medal Descriptions

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1 Medal Descriptions on Thu Apr 21, 2016 4:30 am

Col. Peter Duke

Racist Dragon
Racist Dragon
Shortened ribbons for signatures - https://imgur.com/a/nA12c

Always a Teamplayer - For being a true teamplayer

Boom Stick - Timely and perfectly executed demolition of a fortification allowing our attack

Bullet Magnet - Taking bullets for the team

Butter Your Toast - Slicing the enemy to pieces with the Butter Knife

Cannon Fodder - Bad luck involving cannons

Drill Sergeant - Knocking discipline into the regiment

Excellent Commanding - Skill commanding battles

Extreme Discipline - The perfectly disciplined soldier

Fortress Maker - Epic sapper skills

Fourlegged Slasher - Excessive slashery from horseback

Gravedigger - Last man standing? Now get a shovel

Horse Butcher - Dedicated slaughter of Cavalry or disruptive horses

Human Shield - For taking the hit for an officer

Old Chap - Dedication, loyalty and long service

Ping Killer - Great performance in spite of high ping

Pistol Sniper - Spitting out kills with a pistol at long range

Sharpshooter - For consistantly hitting the targets at a distance

Survivor - Surviving in spite of terrible odds

The Achiever - Making personal improvement in fighting/discipline etc

The Navigator - Being good at calling out enemy positions without squealing like a bitch

Thief of Honour - Holding an enemy flag at the end of a round

Tutor - Officers/Veterans who consistently take recruits under their wings

Ultimate Awesomeness - Awarded at Dukey's discretion

Vodka Kill - Getting a kill with the bottle

Into the Fray - Following the commander into a hopeless battle

Killing Machine - Excessive murdery

King of Artillery - Excellent handling and killing with Artillery

Like a Boss - Being a hard, yet respected leader

Living Dead - Constantly killed? Got several medals to prove it? You will earn this.

Lucky Bastard - You lucky bastard.

Master of Propoganda - Good recruiting and clever promoting of the regiment

Melee ninja - In honour of John. In Johnour.

Rock and Roll Will Never Die - Playing in the face of massive danger, giving melodious support till the end.

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