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1 Template *IMPORTANT* on Sat Apr 23, 2016 9:14 am

If you're new here, this is what you need to see first when signing up. Use the below template to post a forum topic to help us get you integrated into the 14th easier and check if you're up to the standard.

Forum Title: (YOUR ROLEPLAY NAME) Application
For example: Owen Brookes Application

[b]RP Name[/b]:
[b]Company (Infantry, Skirmishers, Artillery, Cavalry)[/b]:
[b]Steam Name[/b]:
[b]Previous NW Regiments[/b]:
[b]Do you have a microphone?[/b]:
[b]How good is your English?[/b]:
[b]What days are you usually available?[/b]:
[b]Are you in any other NW regiments?[/b]:
[b]What other games do you play?[/b]:
[b]Are you in the Steam Group?[/b]:
[b]Have you been given tags on Teamspeak?[/b]:

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