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Sadam McBinLaden Application [ACCEPTED]

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1 Sadam McBinLaden Application [ACCEPTED] on Wed Apr 27, 2016 2:36 pm

Name: Depends, Ulfgar, Nils, Sadam McBinLaden, God whatever you prefer
RP Name: Sabam McBinLaden
Age: 20
Company (Infantry, Skirmishers, Artillery, Cavalry): Infantry
Steam Name: Ulfgar ( search SimpsonISTxD
Previous NW Regiments: 66th (Lt.Col), 8te (Hpt/Lt), 82nd (Cpl), 78th (Cpl), 51st (Pvt)
Do you have a microphone?: No I got two
How good is your English?: Let thy blood incarnadine the seas of the unholy world on which us mere mortals reside. (10/10)
What days are you usually available?: Whenever im not pooping or at work
Are you in any other NW regiments?: Yes all of them, thats why im applying here
What other games do you play?: None, I dislike all those heretoc Videogames
Are you in the Steam Group?: Nah
Have you been given tags on Teamspeak?: Nah

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2 Re: Sadam McBinLaden Application [ACCEPTED] on Wed Apr 27, 2016 2:41 pm

Welcome to the 14th, make sure you add all officers on steam, and if you're not already in the steam group, ask any officer to invite you. Also, when you come on teamspeak, which can be found here,, you will be assigned a section for the purpose of organisation. Once this has happened, make sure you add your section leaders as well. Also, before you join, make sure you have an official RP name (for ex. John Baldwin). Welcome to the 14th, and have fun!

Col. Peter Duke:
LtCol. Peter Joseph: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198010112077
Maj. John Baldwin:
Lt. Charles Para:

My own words: I was in the 66th with Nils, I can vouch for that he is dedicated to the regiment(s) he's been in, and seeing as he has lots of experience with high ranks, and managing forums etc. he is fit for command.

Ulfgar, I expect you to bring the same greatness to this regiment as you did to the 66th :*

Real men play icehockey and fuck - Jarmo

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